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We are so excited to be on facebook, what a great place for us to share our memories and interact with each other! If you have an account please be sure to like our page and start your first post with us with a review! Don't forget to select the right amount of stars!



Here is another opportunity to offer a few kudos our way. If you have a gmail account then you already have an account to sign in with and give us a reveiw!



This is a place where people go shopping for lessons! Let them know what we have to offer so they can get a good idea of whats ahead of them if they choose to visit us for their first lesson.

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Specific to our area the Lehigh Valley Live online webpage is customized with events and things in the area. You will need an account to leave us a review here but at the same time a great place to do some browsing when you're done.

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TC Dance CLub Pa

We are so glad that you are part of our family and we would love to expand with more of your friends. Each time a friend signs up for a specific level of dancing at our club we will give you a free lesson.
You can earn up to 6 lessons!

All you have to do is send them to our guest page TCDANCECLUBPA.COM and remind them to tell us you sent them when they get here!

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