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TC Dance Club PA

6623 Sullivan Trail
Wind Gap, Pa 18091

    Dance Classes Dance Lessons Dance Classes Dance Lessons Dance Classes Dance Lessons

Wind Gap is Closer Than You Think!
wind gap, eastonnazareth, stroudsburg

Dance Benefits

Wedding Dance Lessons

There are so many reasons to get off that couch! Emotional or physical....

Make yourself feel better by getting out and having some fun all the while staying healthy! Increase confidence, stamina, posture and more!

Our short benefits video on this page shows how much non competitive fun we have in our country club atmosphere!

Click to make an appointment with us and start with a free lesson!

It's more than Dancing!

Why do people dance? For the sheer pleasure of the movement you might say. But there is so much more. Dancing is a form of exercise which can help people lose weight, tone up, or stay in shape. It's a fun way to burn calories, strengthen your bones and joints, even prevent some diseases. Dancing can also be a stress and tension reliever for the mind and body.

We are all social beings and dancing in a comfortable social environment gives us a sense of belonging. Many people love dancing because it gives them a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction both physically and emotionally. It's also a great communication between two people. So whether you need to lose weight, tone up, become more social, improve your outlook on life, gain a sense of accomplishment or satisfaction for something well done, or just have lots of fun - then dancing is for you!