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TC Dance Club PA

6623 Sullivan Trail
Wind Gap, Pa 18091

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Wind Gap is Closer Than You Think!
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Types of Dance


Think Cinderella and Prince Charming at the grand ball! Waltz gives you more grace and poise with the feeling of floating on a cloud. Good style, posture and flowing movements all make the Waltz the "mother of all dances" to learn and enjoy!

This is called the "conversation dance". It will give you a great foundation to all the other dances while helping you look and feel fabulous on the dance floor with a partner. Being able to dance to slow, medium, and fast tempos will add confidence, relaxation and fun for you and your partner.

Passionate and intense with dramatic style gives the Argentine Tango its distinct personality. This dance is very intimate with controlled footwork and leg movements by both partners. The music for the Argentine Tango is beautiful helping the dancers react with fabulous styled patterns.



The Cha Cha is the cousin of the swing because of the triple step-step rhythm. Steps are small and it can be danced slow or fast. It's a great dance that you can inject your own feelings into using some hip motion and style. Cha Cha can be considered cheeky and flirtatious.

Rumba just begs for some sensual movements on the dance floor. Steps are small and slow using the body to add some personality to this dance. Rumba began over 400 years ago but it is still a delightful favorite as the dance of choice.

The word salsa means "sauce" denoting hot flavor. Salsa music is usually very fast and danced with a variety of spins and turns. This is a fabulous dance for both men and women allowing sensual body motions to take over. Be a Victor Cruz on the dance floor - Salsa

We teach it all with certified instructors and a great social atmosphere.

Ballroom, Latin, Rhythms
Night Club 2 Step (California), Country, Polka, Bolero

Which one will be your favorite?



Swing is a carefree, relaxed dance with quick footwork. Popular swing music from the 40's and the Golden Oldies of the 50's adds to the personality of this upbeat dance. Learning the swing puts variety into your rhythm dances such as Hustle, Push Pull or Country Swing. They're all fun and will put you into the "swing of things".

This dance is slotted with a jazzy blues style. Very different from the East Coast Swing, this dance allows each partner to express feelings and react to the music accordingly. West Coast is a wonderful dance to learn with it's earthy and flirtation movement.

Dance Lessons