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TC Dance Club PA

6623 Sullivan Trail
Wind Gap, Pa 18091

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Wind Gap is Closer Than You Think!
wind gap, eastonnazareth, stroudsburg
It’s hard to put in words. It’s a feeling. Dance is a work in progress, a journey of personal growth and discovery.
Richard Sorger and Lyn Olechnovich have created a wonderful dance studio providing a positive, nurturing and motivating learning environment with a comfortable atmosphere. Students grow together as they pursue their individual goals, having fun and creating lasting memories along the way.
“A good teacher shows you new possibilities. A great teacher lights up your body, heart, and mind.”
~ Jonathan Foust
JohnHenry Martinez has a contagious love of and passion for dance. He is talented, professional, and enthusiastic and brings a wonderful energy to the studio. He has helped me rediscover my love for dance.
At TC Dance Club International, it isn’t just about dance. It’s about confidence, commitment, and most importantly, it’s about friendship.
Kay & Bruce

As a couple, we have always enjoyed many different types of music and, over the years, had taken a few dance lessons. We are frequently looking for activities to do together, and about two years ago, we discovered TC Dance.

Lessons and activities at TC Dance have been wonderful ways for us to get more active, meet new people, and enjoy learning new dances. We never would have thought that merengue and hustle would be some of our new dance favorites! The teachers are very knowledgeable and make learning new dance steps fun. We keep discovering new moves (some of which we invent ourselves, to the chagrin of our teachers!) and are having fun dancing to the music. What could be better!


When I retired from my professional career, I set out to do two things, the most important of which was to learn ballroom dance. My last day of work was March 31, 2010 and my first dance lesson was April 1, 2010…and I haven’t stopped!

I have been taught to dance by some pretty amazing instructors, not to mention having a blast with them on the dance floor. I’ve done showcases with them and the experience was uplifting and, if fact, empowering! The studio is very professionally run. The private lessons are geared to help students retain newly added patterns to feel more accomplished when ‘hitting’ the dance floor. Their music library is constantly updated and the studio’s dance program choice is tailored to their student’s desires. I don’t think I could have stepped into a more desirable setup than this.

To the Wind Gap TC ownership: keep up the great work! To anyone who has any desire to step out on the dance floor: come to TC!


Matt & Carol

When we moved to Pennsylvania five years ago, we knew how to dance but wanted to clean up our steps and learn some new ones. We decided to join TC Dance Club and accomplished just that. In fact we are still learning and having fun. We enjoy meeting new people and it's a great social experience. We love their theme parties and weekly dances. It's great exercise for the body and mind.

Javier & Robert

My name is Javier, my partner Robert and I got married in May 2015 after 24 years together. When we were planning our wedding we realized that neither one of us knew how to dance. The expectation was that people would probably like to see us dance at least one song during the reception. Being originally from Argentina, I thought it would be wonderful if we could dance “Argentine Tango” for our first dance. Our initial attempts to learn from YouTube videos without a dance instructor was not working out at all, when we weren’t kicking and tripping over each other (LOL) we were getting really frustrated at our lack of coordination, so we decided to call the TC Dance Club to see if they could help us since we only had 3 months left before the wedding. They were so welcoming and receptive, the instructors Lyn and Richard danced the Argentine Tango for us and we were so impressed and said “YES, we want to do that!”

Javier & Robert Continued

We signed up for 15 lessons since we didn’t have much time before the wedding. I highly recommend to those couples that want to learn how to dance for their wedding, give yourself a lot more time, just like you plan other parts of your wedding a year well in advance, you should do the same for dance lessons. It will not only give you plenty of time to get comfortable with dancing so that it comes natural, it will give you a nice break from the stress of planning your wedding. After the wedding, we realized how much we had enjoyed the lessons and went back to TC Dance Club to sign up for more lessons, this time we brought our best friends Magda and Yvette to join us. Who knew that dancing could be so much fun! It’s 2017 and we continue to participate in lessons and dance parties. The parties are a great way to practice what you learn with other people and have a fun evening. We are currently practicing various dances to reach Bronze level including “Rumba”, “Cha Cha”, “Mambo”, “Waltz”, “Foxtrot”, “Hustle”, and “East Coast Swing”. The instructors Lyn Olechnovich, Richard Sorger and JohnHenry Martinez are so patient, skilled and fun to learn from. We are also looking forward to dancing with the new instructor Rachel Presley. As the saying goes… “Dance like no one is watching”