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Kay & Bruce

As a couple, we have always enjoyed many different types of music and, over the years, had taken a few dance lessons. We are frequently looking for activities to do together, and about two years ago, we discovered TC Dance.

Lessons and activities at TC Dance have been wonderful ways for us to get more active, meet new people, and enjoy learning new dances. We never would have thought that merengue and hustle would be some of our new dance favorites!

The teachers are very knowledgeable and make learning new dance steps fun. We keep discovering new moves (some of which we invent ourselves, to the chagrin of our teachers!) and are having fun dancing to the music.

What could be better!


When I retired from my professional career, I set out to do two things, the most important of which was to learn ballroom dance. My last day of work was March 31, 2010 and my first dance lesson was April 1, 2010 and I haven't stopped!

I have been taught to dance by some pretty amazing instructors, not to mention having a blast with them on the dance floor. I've done showcases with them and the experience was uplifting and, if fact, empowering! The studio is very professionally run. The private lessons are geared to help students retain newly added patterns to feel more accomplished when hitting the dance floor. Their music library is constantly updated and the studio's dance program choice is tailored to their students desires. I don't think I could have stepped into a more desirable setup than this.

To the Wind Gap TC ownership: keep up the great work! To anyone who has any desire to step out on the dance floor, come to TC!

Matt & Carol

When we moved to Pennsylvania five years ago, we knew how to dance but wanted to clean up our steps and learn some new ones. We decided to join TC Dance Club and accomplished just that. In fact we are still learning and having fun. We enjoy meeting new people and it's a great social experience. We love their theme parties and weekly dances. It's great exercise for the body and mind.

Kathy & Bob Glenn

I am very proud to say that I m learning the right way to dance under the help and direction of : Richard Sorger; Lynn Olechnovich; JohnHenry Martinez and Rachel Presley. I have learned the magic of doing the Waltz ; Fox Trot and Rumba the right way, and it really is a lot of fun! My wife and I cannot thank the great team at T/C Dance Club at Wind Gap PA for everything they have done for us. I recommend that you give it a try and come find the magic.


When I moved to Pa. I wanted to continue my ballroom/Latin/Argentine tango dance classes at a studio that offered both a comfortable social setting and excellent instructors.. For the past year I have been participating in various levels of dance instruction and parties TC offers at the studio and their special events at other locations. I pick and choose among the various weekly group lessons to compliment my private lessons and preparation for a showcase. I feel so fortunate to be a part of TC Dance Club.

Kathryn Reed

I entered TC's doors in October of 2012. I was in the early stages of recovery from rearing my children, and I needed to escape. So I ran to TC. I am grateful to have the opportunity to dance and to learn from these wonderful teachers and friends. The patience and encouragement has helped me over many a hurdle of feelings of despair and feelings of inferiority. It has been a very slow process, but I am climbing this mountain and I am succeeding. This would not have been the case had I not felt safe to make mistakes and encouraged gently every step of the way. I also needed to be pushed. I have been pushed to succeed in the most delightful way, though at times it has been painful. I am exceedingly shy and detest being the center of attention. So what does my instructor do? He makes me perform a waltz in a spotlight the very next Showcase in March of 2013. Talk about anxiety! And I still feel extremely anxious every time I perform in one of those. Nevertheless, it is good for me, like eating vegetables. And, yes, he is right, though it doesn't make it feel better, but I am getting better at dancing because of it. I have met the most delightful and kind people at TC. I laugh hard at TC, especially at the group lessons at night. The Bible states in Proverbs 17:22a, "A joyful heart is good medicine." TC has been good medicine for me, and I am grateful. Also, a good side affect is that my dancing is improving all the time.

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